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Live-stream Worship.

Please feel free to join us for worship using the links below.

Worship Resources
  • Lord's Day live-stream: 10:00 AM (MST)

  • Current liturgy: Advent 2022

  • This week's hymns

    • Come Ye Sinners - TPH439

    • Jesus, What a Friend - TPH456

    • Come, my soul, and bless the Lord - TPH103c (pt.2)

    • There is a Fountain -  TPH340

    • St. Patrick’s Breastplate - SS25

Online Giving Option
Mid-Week Meetings (on summer hiatus)
  • 1st Wednesday: Ladies' Study

  • 2nd Wednesday: Men's Study

  • 3rd Wednesday: Prayer Meeting

  • Alt-Friday: Youth Group

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